Pioneer XL Kayak

Big brother to the GoSea Pioneer kayak. A more roomy cockpit with extra storage and fishing capability, but with the same stable and Stackable hull shape. Comfortable, easy to paddle, stable and lightweight with plenty of storage for a day trip.

The GoSea Pioneer XL is a new GoSea kayak developed and evolved from the universally popular GoSea Pioneer. The GoSea Pioneer XL is a larger, stable angling version of the original Pioneer complete with 2 flush mounted rod holders and optional central swivel rod holder. The XL also comes with a central hatch and fore and aft bungee storage areas giving the kayak lots of storage space and making it the ideal choice sit on top kayak for fishing day trips.

Just like its little brother, the XL’s deep ‘StableTrac’ hull design ensures the kayak’s great tracking and glide whilst allowing them to stack perfectly with other Pioneer XLs – making it a easier to store and transport on the roof of a car. Carry handles and toggles located on all sides also make lifting the kayak down to the water very easy.

With a max user load of approximately 125kgs (19st 9lbs), the GoSea Pioneer XL is a spacious fishing platform that can comfortably carry an adult along with a decent amount of kit and still give you the confidence in its stability and overall paddling performance.

  • Deep Cockpit and Prominent Keel
  • 2x Flush Mounted Fishing Rod Holders
  • 1x Optional Swivel Mounted Rod Holder
  • 8 Inch Central Hatch with Liner
  • Front & Rear Deck Storage with Integral Bungees
  • Drinks Bottle Holder
  • All Round Handles
  • Mount Rings for Accessories

Type: Single, Fishing
Size (LxWxH): 289 x 78 x 40cm (9ft 6in x 2ft 7in x 1ft 4in)
Weight: 23kg (50.7lbs)
Max Load: 125kg (276lbs)

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