Pioneer Kayak

The GoSea Pioneer is a compact Single Sit-On Kayak that offers a fantastic level of stability for a lightweight Kayak, allowing you to concentrate on simply having fun. Designed for one person, the Pioneer Sit-On Kayak is both very comfortable and stable. It is the perfect companion for short or long trips on the river or bay hopping.

The GoSea Pioneer includes a central sealed storage hatch with bag and a further storage area at the stern where more equipment can easily be held in place by the elastic bungees. The GoSea Pioneer Kayak weighs just 21.5kg and can carry a maximum load of 120kg. It is very easy to carry due to the conveniently located side handles plus the two extra at the bow and stern. The side handles have a bungee attachment that is useful for keeping the paddle secure when not in use.

  • 6 Inch Central Hatch with Liner – Liner is not Waterproof!
  • Rear Storage with Integral Bungee
  • Toggle Handles Front and Back
  • Webbing Handles to Sides
  • Moulded Footrests
  • Drainage Bung
  • D-Ring Mounting Points for Accessories
  • Paddle Retainer
  • 4 x Scupper Plug Holes – Plugs provided

Type: Single, Compact, Utility
Size (LxWxH): 266 x 75 x 32cm (8ft 7in x 2ft 4in x 1ft 1in)
Weight: 18.5kg (44lbs)
Max Load: 115kg (253lbs)

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