Kayak Spares

We have a range of spares available for your GoSea kayaks. To purchase click on the image, or to make an enquiry, contact our shop : Outdoor Hub by phone on 01872 888123 or email service@the-hubs.co.uk

Drainage Plug with Surround and Screws
D-Ring and Bolt
Deck Eye and Screws
Clam Cleat – Rudder Line – Explore Kayaks
Rudder Unit – Explore Kayaks
Side Handles and Bolts Set
Swivel Latch
Foot Pedal – Whole Pedal – Glide Kayak
Foot Pedal – Foot Rest – Glide Kayak
Foot Pedal – Track – Glide Kayak
T-Piece Small
T-Piece Large
Screw in Hatch 6.5 Inch
Pedal Track – Left Hand – with Rudder Pedal
Pedal Track – Right Hand – with Rudder Pedal
Securing Triangle – Rudder Line – Explore Kayaks
Flush Mounted Rod Holder and Screws – 3 Screws
Flush Mounted Rod Holder and Screws – 4 Screws
Hatch Bag Liner – 19.5cm Diameter
9in Swivel Latch Hatch
8in T-Piece Hatch
Black Plastic Screw
Front Oval Hatch for Explore 10 Kayak or Similar
Front Hatch Top for Explore 14 Kayak or Similar
Kayak Toggle Handle and Bolts
Side Handle and Screws
Cargo Bungee and Clips
Paddle Strap Retainer Point
Rod Holder Gasket and Plug 3 Hole
Humpback Retainer
Rudder Lift Cable – Rudder Line – Explore Kayaks
Centre Console Cover – Explore 10 & 14 Kayaks
Centre Console Strap – Explore 10 & 14 Kayaks
D-Ring and Bolt
T-Piece Hatch Small
Rudder Cable – Explore Kayaks
Anchor Line Guide
Hatch Cover Straps – Explore 14 Kayak
Console Cover – Gilde Tandem Kayak
Carry Strap
Screw in Hatch with Gasket and Bag
Trolley End Caps – Pack of 4 – SOT Trolley
18cm Rod Holder and Splash Cover
21cm Rod Holder and Splash Cover
Cable Guide and Screw
Front Hatch Cover – Explore 2015 Kayak
6.5in Hatch Gasket
8in Hatch Gasket
4 Hole Rod Holder Gasket
Cargo Net Retainer and Screw
Rudder Split Pin and Washer – Explore Kayaks
Latch Hatch
Transparent Kayak Bolts with PVC Attachment – Crystal Kayak
Rod Holder Base for Pioneer XL >2018 or Similar
Kayak Side Handles and Bolts Set
1.5 Metre Bungee