Kayak Activities

Here are a few Kayak Activities for you to try with your new kayak!

Surf Kayaking

Many of our kayaks perform really well in the surf and there is lots of fun to be had. Manoeuvrability is a big consideration in the surf as you need to react quickly to a constantly changing environment to get the most fun and remain upright as long as possible! Stability is also very important as kayaking in the surf is by far the easiest way of ending up in the water. Always wear a helmet intended for kayaking, a buoyancy aid (PFD) and use a paddle leash when surfing.


If you are travelling a long distance you will need a kayak which has plenty of room and capacity to carry the extra kit you will want to take. It will also need to have excellent glide, so that you will use as little paddling energy as you can, to travel as far as possible. Big, long kayaks can be tiring to get on and off the roof of the car and down to the water if you are only going for a series of quick paddles. However, if you are keen to do some miles, then a long kayak with plenty of room is the best option.


Stability and space are the two main features you need in a fishing kayak. Most of our kayaks will be fine to do a spot of fishing if you attach a rod holder, but if you are serious about fishing from your kayak and this will be its main use, then you should go for one of the dedicated angling models. Many people go for tandem kayaks for fishing as they offer a great amount of cockpit room for your kit and catch if you are paddling solo.